Sa Calobra

Mallorca ยท Spain

Hidden between the steep cliffs on the northwest coast of the island you will find Sa Calobra, an unusual beach, partly pebbles, partly sand, situated at the end of a gorge, called the Torrent de Pareis. Sa Calobra is surely one of the most famous spots on the Mallorca.

Two beaches are separated in the cove. On the one hand, you will find a small stony beach which is not that spectacular, but if you follow the path, you will come to a short, narrow tunnel from which you emerge to the main Sa Calobra beach. It is only a very small beach but the scenery is so spectacular that it became very popular for visits. Tucked away in steep cliffs and divided by the river gorge, the water in Sa Calobra is crystal clear and beyond inviting to have a swim.

Sa Calobra is not a party beach, so sit back and relax at the end of the day and watch the beautiful sunset while enjoying a nice cold beer or a glass of Champagne.

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