Mallorca · Spain

In 2015 Palma de Mallorca was named the world’s best place to live by the Sunday Times. Palma, the capital of Mallorca and the Balearic islands, enjoys an excellent climate all year round. A city of diversity with so many different things to offer, a historic quarter, the breath-taking Cathedral which you won’t miss when you enter the bay of Palma on your yacht and various fresh food markets are just some of the sites well worth visiting.

Due to the extensive renovation measures, over the past 10 years, Palma has changed considerably – and today the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” is more beautiful than ever.

Lots of new trendy bars and restaurants and a huge list of new luxury boutique hotels, a kilometre long waterfront promenade and an extensive cultural scene can be found in the picturesque streets of Palma.

The local kitchen remains faithful to the principles of the Mediterranean cuisine. Local products like Sobrasadas, Wines, ensaimadas, oranges from Soller and Olives picked on the island can be found in the great local markets like Santa Catalina and the Mercat Olivar, which are great locations for your next provisioning during your charter.

Destinations in Mallorca