Es Trenc

Mallorca ยท Spain

Sea-sand-sun lovers cannot fail to visit what is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach in Mallorca: Es Trenc. Or at least, it is one of the most famous ones; and possibly the most iconic one: its turquoise waters, its shining white sand and its environment have made it one of the 10 most ” Instagrammed ” beaches in Spain.

Playa Es Trenc is located in the municipality of Las Salinas, in the south of the island of Mallorca. A large tongue of white sand bathed by clear, clean, shallow waters with an impressive range of turquoise colours.

But Es Trenc is not only the most beautiful beach in Mallorca. The setting here is spectacular. To begin with, on the very same beach we can find a series of machine-gun nests built during the Second World War. They were never used, luckily, and the Madrid collective Boa Mistura turned them into works of art a few years ago by painting them white and decorating them with verses by the local poet Miquel Costa i Llobera. The natural enclave of Es Trenc is of considerable wealth and has been protected for a few years. It has been recognized as a Natural Area of Special Interest (among other denominations) and is a great place during the fall to observe the passage of migratory birds – highlighting the majestic flamingos – in the very near wetlands of Salobrar de Campos. In the year 2017, the Es Trenc beach was declared a Maritime Terrestrial Natural Park. Among other things, this means that there cannot be buildings in its vicinity. In fact, they have even come to demolish constructions of beach bars that were located directly on the beach.

Also in the immediate vicinity (just less than a kilometer from the beach) we find the Salinas de Es Trenc, which have more than ten centuries of history. You can book guided tours through the Internet to visit it; also, here you will find the highly demanded flor de sal (salt flower) – a must for gourmet lovers – which you can purchase from the boutique that is located in its facilities.

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