Mallorca · Spain

The name Cabrera “goatherd” comes from the large population of goats who lived on the island since ancient times. They were removed from the island in the twentieth century as they prevented the development of any vegetation.

It is the largest of the 19 islands and islets that make up the archipelago of Cabrera. Its coastline has beautiful cliffs, coastal rocks, deep coves, several caves of breath-taking beauty and sandy beaches.

Because of its natural abundance of seabirds (including cormorants, shearwaters, falcons, ospreys and Caspian gulls), rich marine life (dolphins and sea snails) and its native flora and fauna, it is protected as a national park.

Just over an hour sailing from Majorca, stands this spot that boasts a considerable wealth of nature. In this group of islands and calcareous rocky isles, its marine ecosystem is particularly noteworthy, with the presence of meadows of Neptune grass, enabling the proliferation of marine fauna. This marine area is one of the best-preserved on the Balearic coastlines.

Apart from its natural attractions, it possesses others of a cultural variety, such as the 14th century Castle, declared to be a historic-artistic monument, plus land and underwater archaeological sites.

Make sure to let us know in time if you would like to visit Cabrera during your yacht charter, as a previous reservation is required.


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